Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Book Review

Again, this was another novella so you're getting the short version.  You're probably sick of Twilight stuff, I know I am.  I was never a big fan to begin with but I was curious about the fascination with it all so I read it.  I must say, she's clever, she has taken lots of cliches that grasp the affections of teenage girls all over the world and put them all into a story.  The good old fashioned love triangle darkened with fantasy creatures mixed with traditional values with some violence thrown in.  War, peace and love.  Yawn. 

Having finally read the Twilight saga it only seemed fair to read, what I hope is the final installment. All sagas must come to an end afterall. I can't help but feel that Stephanie Meyer only wrote this to cash in. I would have been much more gripped by Victoria's tale of woe. Imagine the pain she felt when the Cullens killed James? Imagine her dispair and then rage. It would have been fantastic to get into her mind instead of a newborn who was in the story for all of 5 minutes. I hope we see the end of this vampire phase soon.  Bring back Dracula and his blood sucking ways.  I want old fashioned monsters not contemporary creatures with ethics!!!! 


  1. I agree, the book doesn't really fulfil a function - unless it's to demonstrate how one's feelings and attitudes change when one becomes a vampire. If the books had been fully written, that should come across anyway.

  2. Yes, we want full on gripping emotional gritty reads don't we? Still, thank you for lending it to me, my Twilight reading is complete!