Monday, 3 January 2011

New year, new challenges

It's probably too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year - whoops I just did anyway.  Apologies, you're probably fed up with it all by now.  I know I am if I'm quite honest!

So towards the end of 2010 I finally got myself a fairly decent perm job.  Hooray!  It's been a good year all in all - graduating, getting employed again and of course the start of my book group (more on that in the next blog).  So enough reflection and more on future thoughts.

I must confess all this job hunting has proven to be quite a distraction and little writing has been done since completing my degree.  I must not fall into this trap again.  So I've every intention on re-working a short story I have drafted for a competition which I missed.  That way when another competition comes my way I'll have something ready and waiting for submission!

Reading - again I have lapsed on this so less television and more reading!

Facebook - I'm spending less and less time on this stupid website and intend on spending more time on here reading blogs and writing my own.  I didn't spend 3 years bettering myself to regress back to social networking to while away valuable time.  People need more one to one communication.  I spent yesterday catching up with my cousins, I got off my ass, dragged James with me and spent a few hours with them, in person!  Lavinia has made me promise James and I will go out to Majorca to see her.  She no longer lives in Magaluf anymore (which James would hate and to be quite honest, I've tired of).  She's living up in the mountains in a pretty idyllic Spanish village which sounds lovely. If she ends up moving to Dubai we'll just go and visit her there instead, oooh what a shame!

Blogging - as mentioned above, time for more blogging and less facebooking (repetition alert!).

MANCHESTER - I will, I will, I will, I will, I will finally move in with James.  Parting company on Sunday evenings is becoming increasingly difficult :(  The problem is money more than anything.  There is never enough of it to go round is there?  I got a bit of a shock when I got my first pay cheque on Friday, once the pension, national insurance, tax and bills have been paid you're left with very little to be getting on with.

So there you have it and lets face it, they're all pretty easy goals to obtain after what I've achieved recently.  I will also be doing the usual, trying to lose weight hopelessly, be more tidy, eat less chocolate etc.


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