Saturday, 13 November 2010

A quickie

Well I'm skint.  I'm working for pittance at the NHS on behalf of the agency.  Boohoo.  I miss all my uni friends and what makes it more frustrating is that they're all still working within the comforting happy learning walls of UCLan and I'm stuck working next to the old derelict spooky mental asylum in Whittingham.  Oh joy!

Still the old building fascinates me and has inspired a story so we'll see what comes of it.  I'm also entering a short story writing competition - 1000 words to be exact - in fact you may have heard of it as it's for the Lancashire Writing Hub.  So I won't be sharing any details of that just yet - can't have anyone stealing my ideas can I?

I'm starting a reading group with friends which I'm really excited about so I better hurry up and choose our first book!  It's looking like a ghost novel - there are 2 by good authors in that genre that have got my attention so far....I better hurry up and finish Nick HOrnby's Juliete, Naked.  Not a bad story but it hasn't bowled me over just yet but I am only up to chapter 10 so there is still time to be impressed. 

Must rush, night on the town planned with my best pal, Louise.  We'll be home and tucked up in bed by midnight because neither of us can handle the pace anymore.  I prefer supping real ale in olde worlde towns like York.  I was there with James a few weeks back and we're going again in December.  Also going to Sherwood Forest in 2 weeks too.  All my xmas presents are coming from far and wide this year!!!

Catch up properly soon


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