Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Common Sense

While sitting with friends in the Mystery Tea Shop one afternoon it was brought to my attention that the final year at uni has well and truely fried my brain.  I once had a reasonable amount of common sense which seems to have been in the section of my brain that was cooked earlier this year.  Thank you degree, for making me an idiot on various occasions. 

Most recently for letting me destroy a table display in BHS. It was one of those 'knocking over the pyramid of baked beans'  moments.  Only salt and pepper mills.  Thankfully they weren't made of glass so nothing broke but the shop assistant wasn't best pleased.  This accident followed the one on Satuday when James gave me a can of beer to hold (I was on the bed watching a DVD) when chaos broke out.  The power in my laptop was running low so I paniked and we had this comical moment as James tried to find the power lead amongst the wires for my hair straightners and hair dryer etc.  Once calm had restored I saw the can, sitting on it's side on my bed and leapt up in the air shrieking.  Oh yes, beer soaked duvet.  It was on his side of the bed so it wasn't a complete disaster ;)  I never used to be so accident prone but according to my friends other things have happened to prove my loss of 'C.S'. 

My mind seems to go blank and I'm unable to do the simplest of tasks - it's very strange and frustrating.  I've just read the above paragraph - paniked is wrong but I can't for the life of me remember how to spell it!

Anyway - despite this lack of brain cell I will carry on being Claire, hence the new name for my blog.


  1. Welcome to the world of the older woman, my dear. It was turning 30 that did it, not uni!!! When you start to find cold cups of coffee in the cupboards, that's the time to start worrying - honest:-)

    Love the new title for your blog x

  2. Yuk! I hope I don't start doing that - it will interfere with my OCD. I cannot stand any potential spillages or mould infestations in the house :p Glad you like the new titel :)