Monday, 10 May 2010

Almost Over

This morning I sat my exam for the Victorian Literature module. I think the majority of the group were feeling sick with nerves, concerned the questions would not match up with what they had revised (that was my fear anyway). I had concentrated on the poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins, The Turn of the Screw and The Importance of Being Earnest. 3 very different forms of text. I researched the writers' backgrounds, any theory concepts that linked to their work etc etc etc. Although I tried to thin out my revision notes with what some call 'mind mapping' charts (I call them spider webs) I still found myself scanning masses of paper. Yet I wasn't convinced it would be enough.
We seated ourselves at desks, and the allocated reading time was ten minutes. I had to answer a question from Section A and another from Section B. I made a quick note of key words etc but I was confident. The questions were perfect and I started writing furiously. One of my tutors gave a sly smile as I had to stop and give my hand a good shake, writer's cramp was setting in but there was still a good fourty five minutes left. The two hours flied by. It wasn't enough time! I had so much more to write but had to stop. I had given the spelling a quick check but grammar was the last thing on my mind. I just hoped the right information was there, that I had fulfilled the criteria.
Since the exam I have had a dull headache and that deflated feeling. I feel like I've been drained of blood but instead I've just had to release all my new found knowledge. When I first came to uni I never gave a thought to what studying can do to you physically!
Well it's all over now. I have some pieces of work to hand in on Thursday but they're almost finished. My degree is in sight and I'm putting plans into action for graduation parties and celebrations. Right now thought, I'm going to have a lovely, long, well deserved sleep. xxx...zzzzzzzz

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