Friday, 22 May 2009

You Blew a Kiss into the Crowd

Back in March I got to see one of my favourite bands play in Manchester. I'm head over heels in love with the lead singer and I don't care what anyone says about me behaving in an immature way. I think that is a good thing to find something in life that still makes you giddy, that causes you to act like a silly teenager. So I tried to capture this feeling in a poem. It still needs some amendments but I'm proud of it. It was laughed at on Facebook :(

You blew a kiss into the crowd
I watched it drift through the air
Like a tiny little cloud.

I stood up onto my tiptoes
Wanting to capture it,
Stepping into the firing line of Cupid’s arrows.

As you sing softly into the night,
Your kiss is still in full flight,
You are singing my favourite song,
It makes me smile when I’m sad,
Helps me to forget that there was something wrong.

At last I catch your kiss on my lips!
Despite the others, the heat of their lust
It is my heart that your song grips!

The harmonic tones of the piano move me to tears
My friends and the audience think I’m queer
The kiss you fired has seeped through my skin
The fast flow of blood causes my head to spin!

It might seem cliched or cheesy to some. Laughable to others. But that is the point, that is how silly I feel when I react like a hormone crazed teenager.


  1. I still think there's some real sense of how you felt at the time, and that's good to be able to depict. Post it again when you've edited it, listen to what Robin would be telling you, once you're in the zone!!!

  2. He he thanks I will do, as soon as I've got back into that 'zone' of course. Better find some Billie Holiday music in the archives!