Monday, 23 August 2010

On the road to somewhere (just not sure where)...

Oh how I heart money when I have it and hate it when I have none which more than often the case.  I think I'm destined to work hard and never have any. 

Today is one those days.  It's pouring down with rain outside and quite frankly, matches my mood.  I woke up bright and early, tidied up my room - I've just moved and my belongings are in a state of chaos.  I don't think I stored enough in dad's shed.  I left the house to take a few things to the post office. 

Item number one is yet another epic job application form for a position with the Open University.  I haven't a cat's chance in hell but I'll waste 2 first class stamps sending it anyway.

Item number two is a parcel.  I ordered some bits of jewellery on only for them to send me the wrong thing.  These are Xmas presents so fair enough, no immediate rush but still - you'd think they could get the order right.  Thankfully I don't have to pay for the postage for this.

Item number three is something I sold on ebay and didn't charge enough postage for because I'm a jackass.  I better get good feedback.

While standing in the never ending queue I remembered the last of my bursary is due in my account this week.  After sorting out the parcels I checked my balance.  Not in yet.  Damn it.  I need this money to live off, don't these people realise how crucial it is for us jobless graduates to get our bursaries asap?  Especially us hard working jobless graduates.  Stuff the lazy ones!  I bet all the lazy ones have got theirs now and they're all living at mummy and daddy's house so they're all spending it on clothes.  Another thing to annoy me today.  Grrr.

Then I went to the old house to pick up the two last possessions residing there.  A plant and a push bike.  Now getting a push bike into a citreon saxo is a skill.  I managed to get in there when I picked it up but can I do it again?  There I was, in the pouring rain, my jeans getting wetter by the second as I tried to get the bike into the car.  The chain fell off so the option of riding the bike to my new residence went right out the window.  In the end I took it back inside and rescued the plant J's mum gave me.

The plant is meant to be planted in a flower bed and left to creep up a trellis.  It's a honey suckle plant.  Because I didn't know whether I was coming or going I left the plant in it's pot and is has done rather well considering.  As I stepped into the garden I realised the rest of the garden life had done well too.  The wet grass was up to my knees....jeans are well and truely soaked by this point. 

I got the plant into the car without too much trouble and carefully transported it to mum's house.  She has a trellis in need of coverage, I think she'll love the honey suckle.  Did I mention I don't warn my parents about these things?  They're not in today, they're at the hospital learning about Type 2 Diabeties.  I wish I could have been there too - I'd like to know more about it so I can look after my dad when mum goes away in October.

While at mother's I'm checking my emails and writing this blog.  I have no internet sorted out yet.  I think I've persuaded my ever suffering parents to buy me a laptop for my birthday or at least half of one to put with the money I'll attempt to get for my PC but one cannot assume things can one?  So a writer without a computer and  without the internet is a frustrated writer who is going to forget everything that is stored up in her little head.  I do write things down but I feel lost without my spell check.  My stories take forever to write by hand and then I'll have the tedious task of typing them all out.  Yes I can copy type over 65 words a minute but that isn't the point is it? 

So there you have it, I'm all angsty and annoyed.  I've also forgotten the point of this blog.  I have got a job.  A crap part time admin job.  A crap small number of hours for a crap hourly rate.  Crap.  My word of the day.  Still, people keep telling me that it wouldn't do me any harm to get my foot in the door at this place so I guess it's worth a try and hell, it's better than nothing and I won't have transport costs because it's a stone throw away from my new home.  So if I don't get that laptop for my birthday, I guess I can always sell the car but then that restricts where I work in the future and I can't get to mum's house and I'll need it when I look after see, I hate money when it isn't on my side.

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