Friday, 10 July 2009


I've been quiet about my results this semester. I'm going to stop being so shy and share the news.

My average is a 2:1 which is awesome but the grades themselves just aren't quite high enough. I think one of the modules has been done wrong so I'm going to have to question it and I seem to be disappointing myself all the time with English Literature. It really is quite a challenge that subject.

The Victorian novels are hard to read and so I find it hard keeping up but I do it. I have to. My essay writing is terrible though. I love writing so much but I have trouble adapting a scholarly style. Its frustrating more than anything but thankfully a few higher marks in other modules have kept me in the 2:1 bracket.

I was over the moon with my Publishing elective. My overall grade was 71%. I have never had a first before! I was in tears of joy when I found out because I put everything I'm made of into that module. Myself and a group of other students worked really hard and published an anthology of poetry for local poet, Michael Molyneux. Publishing is definitely what I want to do when I graduate which is why I desperately want to keep getting 2:1s for my work.

Thankfully I have supportive people around me who will help me improve my essay writing over summer so that I can push my grades higher. For the first time in my life I actually feel passionate about something and really ambitious. I never thought I was one of those people but I am now. I want to do well, get a great job and just be as successful as I can. My intern job at the university has also given me some wonderful new opportunities that will make my CV stand out from the rest. I can't wait to get started on some of the projects that involve clan-u press and workshops for school children, to help them write a creative piece for a competition our faculty has set up.

Hopefully in two year's time I will be a copy editor's assistant and writing my own bestseller :)


  1. Congratulations - especially on the 71% :)

    (I'm Christine's daughter, by the way... she mentioned you when I was visiting & I saw you'd commented on her blog!)

  2. That's my girl, blow your trumpet, grow in confidence, be determined to improve even more!
    Hope you're getting some research in on Victorian train travel, and not just train travel to Manchester!! lol :)xx