Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Kindle Klub!

My previous blog about suprises (or lack of them) has reminded me of a little bundle of joy I received last week which I must share with you.

Last week I met up with my friend and another lady we know for our annual Pre-Christmas get together.  We drink, eat takeaway and exchange gifts.  Usually we buy token gifts - something to make each other smile.  This year I was gobsmacked when the paper fell away to reveal a Kindle!  Both Kerry and Louise bought my gift this year, as a thank you for my help with Kerry's books.  I would never have expected anything in return but this was quite a suprise.  With the iPod in the foot rest (see previous blog if you haven't already) and now this, I am Miss 21st Century!  All I need now is a Smart Phone!

I've always had mixed feelings about the Kindle, being a book lover and a sucker for pretty covers I wasn't sure I could agree with the concept, but it is a cracking idea.  They're really smart, and make books interactive.  Plus I can spend less on them (especially the monthly books for my book group).  I am now open to the idea and now I actually have the Kindle in my hands, I'm really impressed.  It's state of the art technology and means I'll be spending even more money on Amazon (they should give me free shares).  I can still buy the books that make my shelves look pretty (and clever) but this handy portable little device will be accompanying me to work (along with the iPod).  I must treat myself to a bigger handbag.......

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