Monday, 21 December 2009

Claire's Christmas Cracker

Well the first semester is over already. Just handed in my essay today. I think its the best essay I've written yet. Hopefully my marks will say the same thing! I've really enjoyed the film and literature module. I certainly won't be too quick to say the film is crapper than the book now I know all the ins and outs of adaptations!
I'm not quite ready for Christmas yet. Got a few bits and need to buy a few more, it's never ending really isn't it? This Christmas is going to be a very special and exciting one.
Weather permitting, my good friend Jemma will be up from London, it was meant to be a surprise for me but she can't keep secrets! he he. It is also my first Christmas with James so I'm excited about that too. Jemma's mum has invited us both over for Christmas night for her cheese board and turkey sandwiches.
Today's snow of course, is the icing on my Christmas cake! I haven't seen snow like this since I was a little girl! This morning I was struggling to get up as usual so James went to have a shower and I rolled over for a little snooze. He came back in and threw snow at me! That woke me up!
I'm really excited, just to spend time with my family, also I'm cooking the dinner for the first time (did a practise run yesterday) too. So its just going to be a really good Christmas :) Hope you all have a good time too! xx

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