Monday, 24 August 2009

My skin can give Oil of Ulay a run for its money!

Its been far too long since my last usual! I'm rubbish at this blogging business aren't I? Considering I've hardly had any money this summer its been a busy one! I've worked full time for a couple of weeks but I won't be paid for the extra hours until the end of then I'll have my student loan and won't be as desperate for the cash. Typical huh? So surviving has been tough, I had to sell my V festival ticket, sell clothes and shoes on ebay and other valued things in order to pay gas bills and such! At least when I get a full time job again, I'll value my £££s more!

Thrown into the mix of extra work and bills, things at home have gone from bad to worse. I'm not a confrontational person but at the same time I don't like people to take the piss. A rift has formed between me and my two flatmates. Its quite sad really but they make me so angry and I don't like being angry. It isn't the usual flatmate dirty dishes left to grow legs, stuff scattered everywhere, dirty bathrooms etc Its the stuff that goes against my morals as a woman and their attitude to women. It was one rule for them and another for me. I wish I could go into it in more detail, but despite how angry they've made me feel I am not about to spread stuff about them over the internet. I'm unhappy in my living situation so I'm removing myself from it. I quickly found a new place to live and commence moving this week. Its a little outside of Preston but to a quiet cul de sac in a safe area. I'll only be living there for a year or so...just need to get myself graduated and employed, then I can decide where to go from there.

Living with guys combined with my boyfriend has proved my theory about dating, right. More on that in another blog I think. Its certainly a theory single girls should read :)

Speaking of boyfriends, James and I took a stroll into Didsbury the other day. It was quite a stroll! Being a city boy he walks everywhere whereas I'm used to driving to all my destinations. We were walking along a long, straight road which was sheltered by brick walls and trees, which hid the beautiful houses that ran along either side. James walked on the outside of the path and I was on the inside, kicking up leaves with my feet. Not just any leaves people, BROWN leafs, GOLDEN leaves and RED leaves!

The early signs of autumn are upon us, it means the kids go back to school soon and it means my birthday is next week! Oh yes, I'm about to enter my 30th year and am I scared? No. I'm told by people I look 22 and I only act my age when I really have to (I'm still not sure when I have to but I'm sure I'll act my age when the occasion arises). I've got another year to start gettng that old feeling and something tells me I won't get it. 30 doesn't mean I'm old or should start planning my retirement. It simply means I've got the clumsy days over with. I've learnt more about people and life and all these things will make me a better writer. I've more to write about, more experiences to share with people. So turning 29 isn't so bad. Its good, in fact I love telling people how old I am! AND, I'm rather smug about the fact that I haven't felt the need to reach for the anti wrinkle cream (which is a money making load of nonsense anyway).

So come on Autumn! Hurry up and get here...I'm fed up of the muggy heat and warm rain. I'm sick of strappy summer shoes, I miss my cowgirl boots! And on a financial note, I can't wait to get my hands on that student loan so I can eat something other than beans!

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